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  1. Root SmasheЯ

    Syborg-Recursive DNS Domain Enumerator

    Syborg is a Recursive DNS Domain Enumerator which is neither active nor completely passive. This tool simply constructs a domain name and queries it with a specified DNS Server. Syborg has a Dead-end Avoidance system inspired from @Tomnomnom's ettu. When you run subdomain enumeration with some of the tools, most of them passively query public records like virustotal, crtsh or censys. This enumeration technique is really fast and helps to find out a lot of domains in much less time. However, there are some domains that may not be mentioned in these public records. In order to find those domains, Syborg interacts with the nameservers and recursively brute-forces subdomain from the DNS until it's queue is empty. Installation: Resolve the Dependencies: pip3 install -r requirements.txt Usage: python3 syborg.py yahoo.com Download Cyborg
  2. Root SmasheЯ

    Weblogic Scanner

    Currently detectable vulnerabilities: weblogic administrator console CVE-2014-4210 CVE-2016-0638 CVE-2016-3510 CVE-2017-3248 CVE-2017-3506 CVE-2017-10271 CVE-2018-2628 CVE-2018-2893 CVE-2018-2894 CVE-2018-3191 CVE-2018-3245 CVE-2018-3252 CVE-2019-2618 CVE-2019-2725 CVE-2019-2729 CVE-2019-2890 نیازمندی ها python >= 3.6 pip3 install requests Download Weblogic scanner
  3. Root SmasheЯ

    Fuzzowski-Network Protocol Fuzzer

    The idea is to be the Network Protocol Fuzzer that we will want to use. The aim of this tool is to assist during the whole process of fuzzing a network protocol, allowing to define the communications, helping to identify the "suspects" of crashing a service, and much more. █ █ ████████ ██████████ ██ ████ ██ ██ ████ ██ ████ ████ █ ████████████ █ █ ██████████ █ Fuzzowski Network Fuzzer █ █ █ █ 🄯 Fuzzers, inc. ██ ██ by Mario Rivas Features Based on Sulley Fuzzer for data generation [[Hidden Content]] Actually, forked BooFuzz (which is a fork of Sulley) [[Hidden Content] ] Python3 Not random (finite number of possibilities) Requires to “create the packets” with types (spike fuzzer style) Also allows to create ""Raw"" packets from parameters, with injection points (quite useful for fuzzing simple protocols) Has a nice console to pause, review and retest any suspect (prompt_toolkit ftw) Allows to skip parameters that cause errors, automatically or with the console Nice print formats for suspect packets (to know exactly what was fuzzed) It saves PoCs as python scripts for you when you mark a test case as a crash Monitor modules to gather information of the target, detecting odd behaviours and marking suspects Restarter modules that will restart the target if the connection is lost (e.g. powering off and on an smart plug) Protocols implemented LPD (Line Printing Daemon): Fully implemented IPP (Internet Printing Protocol): Partially implemented BACnet (Building Automation and Control networks Protocol): Partially implemented Modbus (ICS communication protocol): Partially implemented Download Fuzzowski-Network Protocol Fuzzer
  4. Mentalist is a graphical tool for custom wordlist generation. It utilizes common human paradigms for constructing passwords and can output the full wordlist as well as rules compatible with Hashcat and John the Ripper. Download Windows version [Hidden Content] Download Linux version [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Download Mac version [Hidden Content]
  5. بر روی سیستم های ویندوزی، نرم افزارهای امنیتی دسترسی به Powershell را محدود می کنند. با استفاده از این ابزار می توان Powershell را تنها با dll ها اجرا کرد. Run PowerShell with dlls only. Does not require access to powershell.exe as it uses powershell automation dlls. PowerShdll can be run with: rundll32.exe, installutil.exe, regsvcs.exe, regasm.exe, regsvr32.exe or as a standalone executable. Download PowerShdll
  6. Root SmasheЯ

    TugaRecon-Fast subdomains enumeration

    tugarecon is a python tool designed to enumerate subdomains using modules. It helps penetration testers and bug hunters collect and gather subdomains for the domain they are targeting. Bruteforce was integrated was a module to increase the possibility of finding more subdomains using bruteforce with an improved wordlist. TugaRecon, tribute to Portuguese explorers reminding glorious past of this country Download TugaRecon
  7. Root SmasheЯ

    PyDictor v2019 - Hacker dictionary builder

    pydictor —— A powerful and useful hacker dictionary builder for a brute-force attack Q: Why I need to use pydictor ? A: 1.it always can help you You can use pydictor to generate a general blast wordlist, a custom wordlist based on Web content, a social engineering wordlist, and so on; You can use the pydictor built-in tool to safe delete, merge, unique, merge and unique, count word frequency to filter the wordlist, besides, you also can specify your wordlist and use '-tool handler' to filter your wordlist; 2.highly customized You can generate highly customized and complex wordlist by modify multiple configuration files, add your own dictionary, using leet mode, filter by length、char occur times、types of different char、regex, even add customized encode scripts in /lib/encode/ folder, add your own plugin script in /plugins/ folder, add your own tool script in /tools/ folder. 3.powerful and flexible configuration file parsing nothing to say,skilled use and you will love it 4.great compatibility whether you are using Python 2.7 version or Python 3.x version , pydictor can be run on Windows, Linux or Mac; Download v2019
  8. Root SmasheЯ

    Full Mobile Hacking CheatSheet - Android/iOS

  9. Root SmasheЯ

    Full Mobile Hacking CheatSheet - Android/iOS

    The Mobile Hacking CheatSheet is an attempt to summarise a few interesting basics info regarding tools and commands needed to assess the security of Android and iOS mobile applications. Android
  10. Automatically brute force all services running on a target Open ports Usernames Passwords Demo Video: Download BruteX v2.1
  11. The code for iHateregex.io - a regex cheatsheet for the haters Features Visual representation of regular expressions Matched strings - the Testing area Embed regular expression visualization on your sites Regex code highlighting and validation Regex description with markdown support Demo: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  12. A tool for automating cracking methodologies through Hashcat. Download Hate Crack
  13. The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) was created and written by Dave Kennedy, the founder of TrustedSec. It is an open-source Python-driven tool aimed at penetration testing around Social-Engineering. It has been presented at large-scale conferences including Blackhat, DerbyCon, Defcon, and ShmooCon. With over two million downloads, it is the standard for social-engineering penetration tests and supported heavily within the security community. Download v8.0.2
  14. Root SmasheЯ

    Damn Small SQLi Scanner

    Damn Small SQLi Scanner (DSSS) is a fully functional SQL injection vulnerability scanner (supporting GET and POST parameters) written in under 100 lines of code. As of optional settings it supports HTTP proxy together with HTTP header values User-Agent, Referer and Cookie. DSSS-Nov 12, 2019.zip
  15. Root SmasheЯ

    Snowflake v1.0.3

    Snowflake is a graphical SSH client. It has a file browser, terminal emulator, resource/process manager, disk space analyzer, text editor, log viewer and lots of other helpful tools, which makes it easy to work with remote servers. It runs on Linux and Windows. Snowflake has been tested with Ubuntu server, CentOS, RHEL, OpenSUSE, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and HP-UX. Intended audience The application is targeted mainly towards web/backend developers who often deploy/debug their code on remote servers and not overly fond of complex terminal based commands. It could also be useful for sysadmins as well who manages lots of remote servers manually. Download for Windows | Ubuntu/Mint/Debian | Other Linux | Other (Java11)
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